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with Ken Wilber

Application 2: Shadow Vision

Application 2: Shadow Vision

In this module, we learn how we can understand what shadow is, where it comes from, and how to work with it.  We later learn how we can re-integrate shadow aspects to become a more whole, more complete, more conscious version of ourselves.

Ken explains:

“Shadow is a generic term for what is often more technically called the personal unconscious. It means those aspects of our awareness that we have disowned, alienated, pushed out of awareness, repressed, denied, projected, and basically no longer assume responsibility for. They’re not ours, so it’s a way of denying aspects of ourselves that we find uncomfortable, problematic, may be sinful, or we were punished for by our parents or, in some cases, by our peer group.

But in all cases, it’s material that is some important part of our own psyche, our own being, our own makeup – that we are not acknowledging. We’re not really allowing its existence, we’re pretending it’s not there. In short, we’re lying to ourselves about what is really the truth for us. The locus of that lie is the Shadow.”

What we learn from the shadow module is that there is more to us than many of us consciously acknowledge or realize.  In part, because we don’t want to see these aspects of ourselves.  So rather than claim them, we disown and project them.  This is one way that we unconsciously sabotage our growth and evolution.

But just because we are blocking them out, doesn’t mean that they are not there.  These shadow aspects of ourselves continue to influence our behavior, and our relationships, often revealing themselves at the worst possible times.  And if we leave them unaddressed, hidden from the light of our conscious awareness… they only grow stronger.

It is not only extremely valuable to re-integrate these disowned parts of ourselves, it is absolutely essential if we are on the path of cultivating our full potential.

We can not actualize the full spectrum of who we are if we leave parts of ourselves, shunned, broken off, and hidden from our conscious awareness.  But worst than that, they will continue to sabotage our life, our relationships and our progress towards who we are truly capable of being.

Ken gives recommendations for how we can deal with shadow aspects in this module and tells us what we can do to integrate.  And any of us who have ever witnessed our own self-sabotaging tendencies (which is nearly all of us), knows how important this is.

I think this is one of the most valuable insights I have personally gained from this work.  The understanding that, I create much of the conflict that I experience and many of the most difficult situations of my life have been manifestations of my own shadow.  

What’s empowering about this, is that when we learn to reintegrate these shadow aspects, we reclaim their energy and power.  Whether it’s the boundary setting capacities that arises from our disowned anger or the creative capacities that lay within our golden shadow, the greatness we project onto others.   We get to reconnect with the inherent capacities in the parts of ourselves we’ve been disowning and running from.  

Rather than sabotaging ourselves, we become more empowered to embody all that we are and all that we are capable of being.

This is a game-changing moment.

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Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Application 2 Module:

Brilliantly clear example of how projection works. Very helpful.
–Anne B

I love the way Ken presents this material.
–Dulce B

This is sooo interesting!
–Gertraut M

I am realizing that Ken is taking us step by step into the full understanding of the topic, in this case the shadow, how it works and how we can work with it.
–Graciela D

I’m very much in agreement. Integration of the shadow is the way.
–Graciela D

This is an important piece of the puzzle.
–Mary E

This is Ken at his best (smiling because there are many ‘best’s).
–Linda W

Hmmm. I can see how this can be dynamite.
–Bill L

I´m addicted to this course – gives my brain and my self-wonderful yummie feelings! 🙂

Truly enlightening indeed. Thank you!
–Angela V

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