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Application 3: Activating Your Inner Tech

Application 3: Activating Your Inner Tech

In this Application, Ken discusses what the wisdom traditions from around the world have revealed about our self-transformation and deepest truth of who we are. He also explores why meditation and contemplation are such fundamentally valuable practices for those who engage with them.

Ken explains:

“Meditation is uniquely important for a couple of reasons. One is that if you look at all of the world’s great spiritual, meditative, and contemplative traditions, they all maintain that there are two truths. There’s a relative truth and there’s an ultimate truth. Relative truth is truth gained through a type of knowing that is called dualistic. The subject is separated from the object and the subject then attempts to learn about the object. Most of our modern sciences, chemistry, biology, physics, and so on. It’s that type of knowledge. 

The traditions are totally in favor of that.

So it’s looking at aspects of chemistry, that’s the object. The subject studies it, does experiments on it, tries to find out its composition, it’s makeup, what it does, how it acts, and so on.

Of course, this is an extremely important part of human knowledge and human growth and evolution itself. 

The traditions then also maintain that there is another type of truth and in some ways of course, even though both are important, this is sort of the ‘king of truths.’

It’s simply referred to as ultimate truth or absolute truth. It has to do with seeing not just the relative truth of a finite object that will exist for a certain amount of time and then eventually will end up dissolving, dying, disappearing, and so on. The ultimate truth is Truth concerned with that which will never die which is eternal, which is timeless and spaceless and infinite.”

Ken continues to illuminate the patterns that connect the world’s great wisdom traditions and the Universal truth that transcends and includes all spiritual paths.  He then reveals the most effective techniques, tools, and practices that these traditions have uncovered to access this deeper knowing.  

When we talk about becoming more of who you really are, this is a big part of what we’re referring too.  The Superhuman Operating System reminds us of the infinite nature that is within us all and shows us how to cultivate more of its wisdom, power, and truth in our daily lives.

In my view, this is the crown jewel of all the potentials that lay dormant within us.  

This is why understanding inner technologies, like meditation and contemplation, are so essential.  It awakens us to a truth, wisdom and, power that is beyond our wildest imaginings.  When you understand how to utilize these inner technologies along with the other “Installations” and “Applications” you’ll have a truly comprehensive system for actualizing your potential and cultivating the greatest possible version of yourself.

In my experience, there is no one better to teach you this then, Ken.  He has so much more to share about this, and he has far more expertise in this domain than I do.

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Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Application 3 Module:

I was drawn to this course by my life-long quest to wake up and grow up, to live my life at its fullest…  And I’m grateful to be in a time and place where people are exploring this material and sharing this information. This has been an incredibly course, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this community.
–Douglas P

I use Human Design and Gene Keys in my work (amazing for shadow work), and have enjoyed weaving Ken’s worldview and lens in with them. Integral for sure! Do so appreciate Ken’s clarity and depth. I also appreciate everyones comments and insights! Rockin’ time to be alive! Grateful to be part of this exploration!
–Connor Sauer

Bingo !!!!!
The Sacred marriage of States & Stages of Consciousness –
Thanks for the soul courage, KW !!!
–Vic S

—Joseph B

How exciting!
I feel like a kid at Christmas!
— Deborah AR

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