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The 5 Mental Models that Will Change Your Life

A Mini-Course with acclaimed author, Ken Wilber

with Ken Wilber

Installation 1

Installation 1: Accelerating Your Evolution

The Installation 1 Module of Superhuman OS is where Ken teaches the first of the five mental models that will change the way that you understand yourself and the world.  This is where Ken introduces his model for levels of development.  

Now, there is no way that I can cover everything Ken teaches, as he takes an hour to walk us through the discrete levels of development that we all grow through.  However, I can try to capture the general principle and you can learn the rest in the Superhuman OS 10-Week Training.

In this module, we learn that levels of development are a constant throughout the Universe. We can see this principle demonstrated in all forms of life, development, and evolution.  Everything grows through discreet (yet gradual) and identifiable levels of development.

Whether it’s trees (acorn to oak), humans, planets, stars, ecosystems, plants, or mammals, we can see distinct stages of developmental evolution in them all.  

So, it is generally true that all things grow through stages of development.  And this applies to individuals and cultures as well.  It’s also true, that both you and I grow through specific stages of development.  Both in our bodies, (infant to adult) and in our psyche’s.  Our development of understanding language, or reading the emotional expression in body language, or feeling and expressing more and more subtle flavors of emotions ourselves.  These interior capacities grow through levels or stages as well.  And becoming aware of those stages can help us to grow through them faster, and activate more of our capacities.

In the training Ken says: 
“One of the things that we find is that there are ways to accelerate growth through these levels — but we can’t skip the levels.  We will be giving you ways to accelerate your growth and development but that will not include ways to skip them.  That just can’t be done.

The last thing I’ll say about it is that these levels are a general overview of the degree of development in general that a human being has gone through.  Now, what we’ll find as we continue our exploration is that a human being has many different types of intelligences and many different types of skills and many different types of talents and so on.  And each of those developed through these same levels and those are sometimes called developmental lines.  There are many different lines, same levels.

These levels we’re going to talk about now are kind of the backbone of growth and development.  They’re what every technique, skill, intelligence, and perspective that you have will grow through.  Getting these is just a good cornerstone of understanding growth development, what it means and the direction it’s headed.”

Now for anyone who has ever played a video game, or simply looked around at the world, this is completely obvious.  It’s not surprising that we grow through levels, and that’s part of the genius and simplicity of the Superhuman OS.  We realize that we can look at our own life through levels and that doesn’t require a huge reorientation.  It’s intuitive.  It’s simply learning to watch for what is already there. 

The game-changing piece, though, is when you learn in detail, what the actual levels are.

Ken often points out that research has shown that if we become aware of what these levels of human development are, we can accelerate our development through them.  For the simple fact that we know they are there, we know we have room to grow, and that awareness catalyzes growth.

Ken then goes on to teach the broad strokes of human development.  What are the specific levels of development that humans grow through?  He draws together the research of many others, gives an orienting structure.  He gives each stage a color, and a clear definition rooted in the work of developmental researchers.  

As you listen to this training, you’ll often recognize how these levels have impacted your life, and as Ken guides you deeper, you’ll begin to understand the process that is unfolding your to own higher potentials.  This is the part you really should hear Ken teach for himself in the Superhuman OS 10-Week Training.  This one module alone can completely change people’s lives.   Just read some of the reviews down below to get an idea.

He then goes on to explain the epic leap that humanity has begun making in the past 30 or so years.  The completely new and emergent level of development that is starting to show up at the highest stages of human growth.  And the potential that we have to reach a global tipping point to a more harmonious world (even though external circumstances may seem to the contrary).

He points out that it is a “monumental leap in meaning,” and lays out the details of what that emergent stage is and how we can begin to grow into these highest potentials, become the best version of ourselves, and contribute to that historic tipping point.  

In the Superhuman OS, he says: 
“The most noticeable thing about Turquoise (Integral) is its all-inclusiveness.  Where all previous levels, all first-tier levels, actually loathe each other.  Second-tier is very embracing of all other levels and sees them all as having some sort of important role to play in human growth, development, and evolution.   

We have never had a society where the leading edge values said, “Whatever you do, make sure you include that person”.  Always had societies that said, “Whatever you do, keep them out”.  We are going to be coming upon a cultural revolution that is for the first time in human history going to be embracing of all human beings.

We have no idea what that will be like.  It will be such a staggeringly different type of society that we can only guess.  There are no previous examples that we can draw on because nothing like this has ever, ever happened…”

That’s what’s been so exciting about this training.  We are seeing people from around the world, begin an entirely new project — the work of integration, of self-actualization.   We are starting to push into our highest known potentials.  

It’s been an honor to produce this work, and an honor to share it.

If you’re curious and you’d like to learn more, you can enroll in the Superhuman OS training at up to 60% off before the final registration closes, this Friday, September 29th.

Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Installation 1 Module:

“This is so exciting. I can already feel a shift inside myself with even the little information we just received. Open to so much more…all for each other!”
–Jared S

“Thank you. Very inspirational. Very hopeful.”

“Exciting to feel that foundations are being laid, perspectives created, maps psycho-activated. New tools and viewpoints are always welcome!”
–Jonathan H

 “I will be integrating what I’ve learned so far into my everyday life. This course is and will continue to change my life. Amazing!!”
–Deondre H

“I feel so grateful for this awareness to help me in relations with my family and loved ones.”

“Brilliant….at last a map to communicate with my parents..can’t wait to apply this!”
–H A J

“I have to add validation for how this information can completely transform ones life. I was introduced to this information years ago through Ken’s work at that time and his introduction [of levels.] This work completely changed how I see relationships and people in general. I am a Hospice Admissions RN and have been for years (going on decades). This means I am the first one in the home helping people adapt to end of life talk and opening to the help the program can give. My practice was so transformed by these concepts that I have been able to embrace being present with the people I serve in a way I could not begin to understand prior to being aware of these levels. It has given me a sense of non-judgement that is difficult to explain, plus a way of being present with complete strangers where and how they need me to be present. Learning the levels years ago gave me permission to stop judging, comparing, or being resistant to a way of thinking or being. It gave me the ability to just accept people where they are and quit trying to change the situation, teach them or feel they should be in a different space. This work is what has made me effective as a Hospice Nurse and allowed me to serve where and how I am needed to serve at any given moment. I still struggle with being in this non-judgmental place with my close relationships and I think this is because it is harder for me to step back and observe and no make it personal. But, I am working on it and is part of why I signed up for this program.”
–Nancy W

“What a wonderful way of looking at your individual world and relationships.”
–Darlene B

“A humbling view of the world and our human development.”
–Angela T

“Please note it is KW, in integrating the thought and care of other Developmentalists, Ecologists, and Evolutionaries that had given definition and awareness to this Turquoise/Integral level in, just, the last 20 years! Viola! By so doing they make it psychoactive in and among us all. “Let that rose grow!”

“It takes 10% of world population to create a tipping point in awareness, there is already 5% in turquoise, we are contributing to this expansion of awareness towards most of humanity being inclusive, loving, empathic and basically understanding our oneness. Yes!!”
–Virginia S

“Fantastic. I have a good relationship with my father, but one that I’ve struggled with because of his ways or viewpoints. This explanation of levels is really useful. In fact, one of the reasons I was drawn to this course was that I wanted to develop myself to be more compassionate and understanding of people who clearly have views or awareness on what I now understand to be a lower level or tier. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn more about myself and others. Thank you.”
–Matthew G

“Music to my ears! I have always felt that we can effect positive change in the world. Now that we are at 5% turquoise level and 5% more for the tipping point of 10%, I can begin to envision the true possibility of a loving and compassionate humanity. Let´s go for it!”
–Patricia E P

“Very inspiring and eye-opening for the realization that we truly can reach that minimum 10% tipping point in the near future and unite humanity in glorious ways beyond our current understanding.”
–Jeremy M