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with Ken Wilber

Installation 2

Installation 2: Activating your Full Spectrum Potential

In Installation 2, Ken builds on what we learned in Installation 1.  The first mental model Ken introduced was the concept of levels of consciousness.  He taught a system for using colors to look at the stages/levels of development.  Then he explored the highest level of human development which has only been emerging in the past few decades.

In Installation 2, Ken introduces the second mental model, lines of development, or lines of potential.  This idea was first introduced and popularized by the American developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, with his work on multiple intelligences.  The idea, again, is simple and elegant.  That’s what makes Superhuman OS so powerful.  It’s intuitive.  

While we grow through stages of development, there are specific scientifically measurable dimensions that grow through those stages. We call those lines of development, intelligences, or lines of potential.

That is true in individuals, but also in cultures, organizations, businesses, organisms, ecosystems and so on.  You can identify several key capacities that grow in sequential levels.  And beginning to look at the world and your life through this lens can be profoundly empowering and freeing.

Ken says
“Lines of development generally means: those things that are present in all people and that develop through the same number of stages in all people. That’s a little bit of a technical definition of what it is. The important point is that each of these lines of development are ways that we can be smart about how we interact with the world. That also implies, as we’re unaware of these lines, that those are ways that we can be stupid with the world… and clearly we don’t want to do that.

Since these are relatively new understandings, there are a lot of people that still haven’t heard about them, still don’t know about them and still haven’t really worked on developing them. For any superhuman operating system, if we want to help create somebody that’s going to able to interact with the world, in the smartest best possible way they can, that they’re at least aware of these lines. They know generically what they do and then they can decide if they want to work on them, not work on them if they’re doing fairly okay with them, or if they really do need to pay some attention to them.”

This is powerful because we can start to have a growing sense of strengths and weaknesses.  Especially when we know in detail what those lines are, and how they are measured.  Our society, in general, has tended to emphasize and celebrate one line of development, cognitive.  However, we are far more diverse and intricate in our gifts and genius.  

For example, one of the lines of development that we can identify in adults is emotional intelligence.   In my own work, I identified in my early twenties that this was one of my more poorly developed lines of development.  Equipped with this knowledge and insight, I was able to begin an over decade-long journey to learn to identify, fully feel, communicate, and modulate my emotions.  This has given me a greater access to a more full spectrum of human experience.  And that’s just one line!!!  

This why this work is so powerful.  When we truly begin to learn the details of who we are, what capacities are innate to us, and how we can consciously evolve, we gain access to entirely new potentials.  

That’s what we mean when we say a Superhuman Operating System.  This, in some ways, is the dashboard of “you.”  Your own personal self-map. But beyond that, it can be applied to any aspect of life.  Entrepreneurs can look at their businesses, coaches can look at their clients, doctors can look at their patients, teachers at their students, architects at their buildings, economists at societies, hospitals at their staff with these two mental models, and identify and restructure everything about their work to grow in more rich and complex ways.  

Now again, this might seem intuitive and obvious.  And that’s because it is. It identifies the fundamental building blocks of reality.  It’s simply becoming aware of what is already happening, in rich and fine detail.  But it’s that detail that matters, and that’s why you’ll have to hear it from Ken.  

In the Superhuman OS, Ken walks through the seven key lines of development that we all need to understand.  With these in our awareness, we can be intentional about our own growth, forgive our own weaknesses, forgive the weaknesses in others, celebrate the strengths in others, and see possibilities for ourselves that we never imagined before.

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It’s an honor to share this work, and I hope, like so many others, it transforms your life.,

Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Installation 2 Module:

“Oh, how I wish I’d known this in college…”
–Bonnie V

“This really seems like a great place to start. Taking inventory of our capacities and capabilities. Yeah…moving towards Superhuman!”
–Jared S

“Very inspiring. Thank you.”
–Anna-Mari P

“This is funny. I could not understand how becoming aware of it was psychoactive. Then last night, after reading or listening to this section of the course, I had a dream where a man (which obviously is me) was writing books and he was good in all kind of domains: mathematics, literature, etc… As I woke up this morning, I realize that it was really psychoactive. My subconscious was proving it to me. Thank you.”
–Ronald H R

“It is so nice to have these lines of intelligences explained this way to enable an expansion of our new perspectives.” 
–John L C

“A different intelligence for different types of questions, fascinating. It seems obvious but I never thought of it that way.”
–Jeff H

“I can be great if I put in the Work! Love that.”
–Bettina H

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