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Installation 3

Installation 3: Accessing Your Multidimensional States of Being

In Installation 3, Ken introduces the third mental model.  States.  This again, like the rest of these frameworks, are lenses we use to see the underlying structures of the universe.  Universal truths that exist throughout the cosmos.  Developing an understanding of states is learning to perceive the deeper nature of our existence and what can be done to access the full spectrum of our awareness.

Ken Explains

“We are at a period in history that is truly unprecedented because what we have found is that there are at least two major axes of human development. These have never been included together because one of them is only a very recent discovery, whereas the other is at least 50,000 years old. Once this discovery was made, it was really mind-blowing in a sense because what both of them do are so important, it is almost impossible to imagine a culture existing without including both of them. Yet, in all of humanity’s history, not a single culture has included both of them – not one.”

States can be seen throughout the Universe.  It is again, like the rest, a universal constant.  And it’s genius is in its elegant simplicity.  We can see this principle all around us if we learn how to watch for it and see it in rich fine detail. 

As we learned in school matter, has 3 major states: liquid, solid, and gas.  With water, it’s water, ice, and steam. We see states in the weather… Cloudy or sunny.  Warm or cold.  Summer or winter.  We see states in the body with different physiological states, and in the brain with brain states. 

And, in ourselves, we experience states of consciousness.  Most people have the observable experience of states of consciousness in the cycle of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.  Dreaming is an entirely different state of consciousness than waking.  You see, hear, feel, and experience different things.  And that’s also true of deep sleep.  Ken refers to this as the spectrum of consciousness, which includes the many, many, subtle states that human beings can potentially access.  

This is what the great spiritual traditions have spent centuries developing practices to explore and perfect.  With the right tools, you can consciously and intentionally enter into a vast array of states.

First off, this is an amazing discovery.  There are states of consciousness that Ken describes in the Superhuman OS, and that the great mystics teach in their books and teachings around the world, that can truly transcend our daily limited human experience.  

They are freely available to all and are extremely powerful.  Learning to consciously access states can open doors to entirely new dimensions of yourself that are filled with love, peace, expansion, and joy.  The great mystics of all time have thoroughly explored these paths and there is a wealth of knowledge from various wisdom traditions on how to access these states.

Ken’s major contribution, is combining all these approaches to give an overarching orienting map.  And combining it with the other mental models, to give us a real-time “dashboard.”  Once you understand the map in rich detail, you have more freedom to move about.  Especially with regard to states.

Unlike, levels (also called stages) of development, states can be accessed at any time, by anyone, who has the right tools and practices.   That means expanded or heightened states of consciousness, are available to you in this very moment.  These rarified states are not just for monks and mystics anymore. 

This is one of the main confusions of personal growth that people make over and over again, that Ken often likes to point out.  We often get letters from people that explain that they don’t need the Superhuman OS, because they have been on a spiritual path, and already know what the highest, greatest possible version of themselves is because they experience it in meditation.  First off, that is awesome!!! However, it is only one dimension of growth.  That’s only horizontal “awakening.”  The ability to access deeper, wider states.  That perspective includes nothing of growing up through the stages or cultivating new capacities by focusing on lines of development.  It is, what Ken refers to as “partial” and “reductionistic.”  

And you can see this in the many spiritual teachers with scandals surrounding them.  They’ve done the work to “wake-up” to deeper states, but have not focused on maturing other dimensions of their being.  

The Superhuman OS focuses on accessing the full spectrum of who we are, and being able to see ourselves, and the world in real time through the lens of these fundamental truths so we can have as clear a picture as possible of where we are, so we can continue on the path to where we want to go.  The best possible versions of ourselves.  

And that includes having access to the many states that Ken explains in Installation 3 of the Superhuman OS.

If you’ve ever heard of enlightenment, or awakening, or satori, or True Self, or Kosmic Consciousness, and been attracted to that, you’ll want to hear Ken teach this in the rich and fine detail that he covers in the training.

When we say Superhuman OS this is what we mean.  At our most expanded states of consciousness, we can have experiences, that go far beyond that of the normal daily human experience.  Something truly extraordinary, the most sublime, simple, and natural access to the full spectrum of all that we are.

I invite you to experience this directly with Ken’s guidance in the Superhuman OS.

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Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Installation 3 Module:

“I wish I could have known this long time ago.”

“OMG, this is amazing information! Thank you so much.”
–Rose Marie S

“I love the way that this module makes sense of so many mystical experiences throughout my life. This is fabulous, being able to put a ‘map’ over it and understand it all in this way.”
–Anna G

“I love how this map creates the logical possibilities for such an incredibly diverse array of human perspectives — exponentially expanding the permutations!”
–Kinde N

This installation feels like taking a long relaxing shower… I feel happy and satisfied to have downloaded this information as it explains many missing links in my worldview… it is so uncomfortable to have a profound experience and not being able to deal with it cognitively. One then needs to expand one´s views so that the experience can be interpreted, instead of denying the experience violently, for it being “incomprehensible” and so intimate that cannot be shared to others or to oneself, so that it makes any sort of sense. So, I thank you Ken for this priceless knowledge.”
–Laura M

“I am feeling a level of awareness that I have never felt before….exciting.”
–Jared S

“Spectacular and encouraging audio. Thank you so much.”
–Emilio L

“This particular session was incredibly valuable, as it explains a lot to me about certain social dynamics that I was not understanding, so thank you Ken!”
–Santon d L V

“Wonderful- this explanation was so good to hear that i have just stepped out of my ‘social media phobia’ and have made my first comment ha. It feels as if things are falling into place and I could cry :)”
–Jeorge C

“Wow! I am speechless ! and feel like I want to remain speechless for a while!”
–Ronald H R

“I think what I am realizing is that I have always assumed that states, particularly witness and non-dual, were actually levels, albeit highly exalted cultural levels achieved by very few. According to KW’s system that is a profound misidentification. This system is far more powerful because it differentiates more finely (and arguably, more correctly). It also gives us a reason not to give up on our levels just because we are achieving higher states of awareness. There is a purpose to cultural advancement which is not short-circuited by the experiencing of exalted states (I think previously I had been lead to believe that cultural achievements were substantially empty and meaningless in the face of the profound meaning inherent in the experience of the higher states. KW is arguing that is NOT the case, that the two are actually on different axes, must NOT be conflated with each other, but nevertheless have profound points of interaction. I am finding this very helpfully clarifying.”
–Jonathan H

“An aha moment. “Grow up” AND Wake up!!!”  Wow.”
–Kate G

“Who knew it so simple and yet complex all at the same time…. This is truly enlightening.”
–Jared S

“Appreciating again the emphasis on becoming aware which will trigger the psychoactive component.”
–Susan M

“This is what I was hoping for from this course; so glad we have arrived at this point. Thank you.”
–Jane R

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