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Installation 5

Installation 5: Awakening Your 4-D Vision

Today I am recapping Installation 5 of the Superhuman OS.  What Ken calls Quadrants or Dimensions.  This is simultaneously one of the most profound mental models of the Superhuman OS, and also one of the most difficult for many people to grasp.  

In order to truly understand this framework and its profound implications, I think it’s really important to hear this complete teaching directly from Ken.  However, in the meantime, I’ll do my best to summarize some of the key insights for you. 

As with each of the other lenses, this is about being able to observe and discern a deeper, underlying, universal truth that’s being pointed to.   

So far we’ve learned about the Levels of Development, Lines of Development, States of Consciousness as well as Typologies and Drives.  Each of these 4 foundational lenses builds upon each other and give us a deeper insight into human nature and our highest potentials.  

Now with Quadrants, Ken ties it all together and gives us an important new tool for discerning and utilizing the four distinct domains of truth that comprise our world. 

As Ken explains:
“What we find as we look at it is that there are really very different types of perspectives or dimensions that individuals have. This actually changes the way the world looks. 

Before that starts to sound too academic or complicated, you can look at these in terms of the pronouns that have developed in every major language the world over that encapsulate these different perspectives and dimensions. 

These are often referred to as only one example: first, second, and third person. First person is the person speaking, which is represented by pronouns like I, or me, or mine. Then there’s the person being spoken to, which is you, or thou. Then there’s the person or thing being spoken about: him, her, they, them, it – or in plural form, its. Those actually are very, very different ways to look at reality, very different ways to think about it. ”

This is one reason that the Superhuman Operating System so profound. It’s both intuitive and logical.  With laser-like precision, it discerns the subtle distinctions that make up our reality and that are already woven into the language we use every day.

We have “I” language.  The language we use to describe our own experience.  We have “you” or “we” language, that we use to combine our own experience with the experiences of another.  We have “it” language that we use to describe an objective truth.  And there’s “those” or “it’s” language that we use to group one object or external truth with others.  

I’m not going to dive too deeply into these, other than to say that these English language pronouns also correlate with the four dimensions of reality that Ken is pointing to.  I encourage you to study this more deeply with Ken because it’s only when we truly understand these different dimensions, that we discover their real potential.

Ken goes into this in much more detail, and I think for anybody curious about truly cultivating the their highest potentials, getting this is profoundly important.  

The most important thing to point out is that each of these mental frameworks that I’ve been sharing about can be looked at through these 4 dimensions, and in so doing, we can begin to cultivate a truly “integral”, “whole” or “complete” picture of anything we’re studying.

This is important because when we study Levels of Development, we can see that integral awareness is a marker of the highest stages of human development emerging on our planet, and the tools that we learn in the Superhuman OS can help us actualize those highest levels.  

In order to truly comprehend how profound this is, you’ll have to learn this from Ken.  But as a quick example, I’ll refer back to the email I sent you a few days ago about the States of Consciousness.

There are waking, and dreaming, and deep sleep states.  These occur in the “I” dimension.  Dreams are something that only “I” experience.  I, personally, will never experience your dreams, or anybody else’s dreams.  These States of Consciousness are only experienced in this one dimension.  The dimension we refer to with “I” language.  

However, in my brain, the brain.  “It” — the brain is going through correlate States of Consciousness.  When I am waking, the brain is in an “alpha” or “beta” state.  When I am dreaming, the brain is generally in a “theta” state.  And when I am in deep sleep, the brain is generally in a “delta” state.  There are also simultaneously measurable neuro-chemical correlates that are associated with each distinct brain state.

So, just like Levels, Lines, and Types, States themselves occur in each of the four dimensions.  There are States in the “I” dimension, in my direct experience.  There are also states in the “It” dimension, in my brain, and in my body.  This is also true in the “We” and “Its” dimensions.  When a sports team wins or loses a playoff game, for example, the same states can ripple through large groups of people or even entire nations.  

When we look at Levels, Lines, States, and Types through these four dimensions, we can create an extremely detailed picture of anything we want to understand.  It’s like looking at the world through high definition perception. You see things that most people miss. And thus cultivating an integral worldview allows us to perceive and access our higher levels of potential.

When people develop this capacity, they start to have the ability to affect change and influence outcomes in a way that is almost incomprehensible to others.  It can look as superhuman as the capacity to read may have looked in ancient times, to someone who couldn’t fathom that you could use symbols to represent words.

That is the power of upgrading your internal operating system with this powerful mental software.

And right now, the Superhuman OS is the cutting edge of developmental operating systems.

If this inspires you, then I encourage you to sign up for the training before registration closes this Friday, September 29th.

Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Installation 5 Module:

These simple organizing principles – so powerful!
–Jonathan H

Incredibly clear – this distinction is a real game changer – our conflicts are mostly a lack of mutual understanding.
–Marie B

The LIGHT coming from KW is so intense. I feel supercharged! Thank you.
–Ronald H R

I agree that this is luminously simple, an extraordinary distillation and clarification of fundamental misapprehensions based on not understanding that life can be delineated by a vertical and horizontal line into four quadrants which are all internally coherent and logical, but unconsciously vying for our attention and for us to declare ourselves a citizen of one and one alone. KW here is suggesting that actually, we need if not four passports, then at least current visas to the three we least identify with, and that we need to spend the time to become fluent in the mores and cultures of each, valuing them all, but not entering into the false wars of self-declared precedence by those who choose to identify solely with one quadrant. This is masterful mapping, to create a map which delineates the territory so clearly, that has for millennia been fought over because the borders had never been declared. The power of this is immense. As KW says, “have the quadrants at your fingertips, or they will certainly have you at theirs!” (paraphrasing). I am feeling more than a little awe here. It is like experiencing the light being switched on in a room I have known only by stumbling through in the dark. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
–J Heston

Holy Smoke this is phenomenal, brilliant and mind opening!
–Josephine D

Extraordinary realizations. What a privilege…

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