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The 5 Mental Models that Will Change Your Life

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with Ken Wilber

The Loading Module

Loading Module: Upgrading Your Mental Operating System

The Loading Module of Superhuman OS is the Introduction the 10-Week Training.  In this module, Ken recontextualizes “greatness.”  Greatness is something that is inherent and available within every single person.  It’s an untapped evolutionary potential for a greater wholeness within ourselves and in the world.  Rather than being some elusive trait, granted to a chosen few, greatness is simply the developmental potential that lies dormant within all of us.

Ken goes into more detail about this in the Loading Module.  He then explains that our society collectively tends to discourage claiming our greatness.  And the first step in fulfilling our developmental potential is simply to be willing to claim it.  To be willing to accept the possibility that greatness may lie dormant within us.  And to see our and consciously cultivate our own potentials.  

Ken shares:

“It’s as if simply becoming aware of these capacities opens the brain, opens the mind to being able to take them seriously, to look for them, to start acting on them, to actually move forward with those in mind whereas previously not being aware of it there wasn’t even any reason to look for growth or development through them. Most people, astonishingly, are still completely unaware of just a developmental sequence and yet there are so many people, from Piaget to Jane Loevinger to Robert Keagan to Carol Gilligan, Kurt Fischer, and all of these are maps of development and learning any one of them the evidence suggests will accelerate development through virtually any one of them.”

He then goes on to explain what researchers are discovering about neuroplasticity.  If this is not something that you know about, then you need to invest some energy into learning about this.  All of the research is making it clear that our brains are malleable.  We can change.

Ken explains:

“So we have this whole spectrum of potentials intelligences and dimensions of being ­­ what happens when you put them all on the table and say okay, now, this is what we have to work with. We’re not just working with IQ and literary intelligence and we’re not just working with traumatic states. We’re actually working with a whole spectrum of different types of capacities and intelligences and emotional moods ­­when you take all of those what you realize is that you can train the brain to make those potentials the standard default setting.

Now, when you take all of these different capacities and all of them in a sense go through stages of increasing betterment, increasing excellence, increasing capacity. If you have somebody that has managed to take these capacities and work them into their higher ranges and you get the brain to adapt on a default setting to these higher ranges then you have gone from the standard human capacity to what we, without any exaggeration at all, are calling superhuman capacities.”

When it really comes right down to it, this is what we’re talking about when we talk about a Superhuman Operating System.  

If this is something you resonate with, then you really should register for the training before the opportunity expires.   (Side note: We are not expiring access for registered students.  We’re just not accepting new students after we discontinue the training.)

If you’re ready to embark on the journey of awakening your full potential under the mentorship of Ken, you still have a chance to enroll in the Superhuman OS training at up to 60% off before the final registration closes, this Friday, September 29th.

Here is what Superhuman OS students have said about the Loading Module:

“Exciting information, everything comes together for me. Have always said that personal transformation leads to global transformation…Standing for greatness and committed to manifest all that I AM!”
–Aline M

“Already hooked by the course. Wanting more.”
-Emilio L

“I’m floored already by the words I’m hearing Ken say because all I’ve ever wanted in life is to achieve my greatest potential and be a major catalyst in global/social change. So his entire session here resonates deeply with me and I’m excited for what’s to come!”
-Misho M

“I am already excited. To realize that ALL of us have greatness and this greatness can lead to wholeness that not only helps us but our planet as well. I am looking forward to stepping deeper into this course.”
-Rose F

“Ahh….What gift do I want to give the world? What do I give that makes me feel more deeply alive? What I do that makes me feel more wholeness within? Very thought-provoking. I love this already!”
-Karen D

“This resonated deeply for me. What I am seeking is already within me… I just have to learn to tap into my inner world to discover what is possible to create in my outer world… can’t wait to see what happens next!!”
-Sharon G

“Love the idea that greatness is in every one of us and that there are ways to unleash it, and to become more whole.”
-Christiane S

“The part that resonated with me the most when listening to Ken’s explanation greatness was that how people are educated and trained to be specialists. This was always against my instinct, which I followed in studying disparate subject matters as well as applying them directly in my life. Ken’s explanation gave me further validation and integration of my identity as a self-actualizing person. Thank you Ken.”
-R. Phoenix

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